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oakland with more on how she's doing, david. >> reporter: freemont officer todd young is in serious but stable condition tonight here at highland hospital, but as you said today we learned new details from his wife about what happened just after he was rushed here. freemont police tell us that young was hit by two bullets. doctors say his injuries were so severe they transfused six times the normal amount of blood found in a human body. freemont police say oakland police saved his life by rushing him to highland hospital in the back of a squad car. nicole young, todd young's wife today emotionally learned about how she learned about her husband's shooting. >> i was told that he wouldn't let them put him to sleep until he called his wife. he called me and said he was in highland hospital and that he was okay, he just got hit in
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the leg. so i came up here. >> reporter: young has been under sedation for a week now in order to help him recover from his wounds. trauma doctors say it'll be several days before he can communicate with visitors. nicole young describes for us what she hopes to tell him when he wakes up. >> that i love him and i want to bring him home to our kids. that they miss him, and he's strong, he's very strong. and we have a long life ahead of us. >> i believe that michael the arch angel was sitting on young's shoulder to guide him  through this very difficult time. >> reporter: young is likely to recover with more surgery and physical therapy and rehabilitation. the suspect in young's shooting is being held and charged with
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attempted murder. reporting live in oakland, david stevenson,. the investigation into a string of killings in the east bay turned to a pittsburgh garbage dump today. allie rasmus joins us with more on this murder mystery. >> reporter: investigators spent the entire day sifting through trash. that search happened at the canyon landfill. police say they were searching for the body of fredrick sales and so far their search has turned up nothing. 35-year-old fredrick sales was reported missing a week ago. today investigators focused their search at this landfill near pittsburgh. police say it's possible sales is another victim of the now deceased valdemoro. they fear that valdemoro might
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have been trying to dispose of sales body. >> we still continue to hope that mr. fredrick sales is alive. >> reporter: investigators used education escavation machines. valdemoro used to work as a security guard in the business park outside the bio lab. >> it's a shock to all of us. he does his job and then he's in the news. >> reporter: she says she can't believe it's the same man who is now linked to four homicides. >> i'm stunned, i was shocked. i didn't think he was like
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that. but you never know who -- >> reporter: now one of the four homicide victims happens to be fredrick sales father. the body of 73-year-old ricardo sales sr. was found badly beaten. hercules police say their search of this landfill did not turn up any evidence or any signs of the younger sales but they plan to resume their search tomorrow morning. allie rasmus, ktvu. friends an coworkers will gather tonight to remember cindy tran. valdemoro strangled her after the chase. the vigil will be held at vallejo's hair center. tran was a hair stylest at that salon. 72-year-old charles writtenhouse is now the focus
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of the investigation, he pleaded not guilty today to two counts of possessing explosives, his bail was set at $2 million. he has been named as a person of spwrápbs interest in the deaths of his wife and her friends who's bodies were discovered after his home. efren valdemoro is a likely suspect in the two women's death. but valdemoro told authorities he had suspicions about two other people as well -- writtenhouse told authorities he had suspicions about two other people as well. >> it was people who had been living at his home. one of this couple made a threat against mr. writtenhouse's wife. when asked about why her client waded five days to report his wife missing, leslie prince said it was not uncommon for them to go days without cross paths because of their work schedules. you'll find more information
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about written house connection with efren valdemoro and what may have led to those kills, go to a boat full of people including children are safe this evening after being stuck on sasoon bay overnight. the boat ran out of gas and got caught up in some rocks. the coast guard tried to help the boat overnight but water was too shallow. that boat remained on the scene until a shallow boat arrived and rescued the passengers. 63-year-old frank gomes told investigators that he suffered vertigo after take off. the national transportation
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safety board is investigating this crash. all lanes on 101 were reopened. federal investigators work to find out the cause of a small plane to crash into the waters off of redwood cities. the plane plunged into a lagoon yesterday killing three people. the bodies of the pilot and 91- year-old robert vormon, the founder of vormon steel are believed to still be in the plane. the bodies of the pilot's girlfriend was recovered yesterday. the twin engine aircraft rolled sharply as if the engine had failed. for months the golden gate chapter of planned parenthood has faced allegations of mismanagement. christien kafton has the story. >> reporter: take a look, you can see the old name up there,
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planned parenthood golden gate. now you can see the new name. they are promising the same level of health care after being faced with a lawsuit. the name change became official today. planned parenthood stripped the golden gate chapter for their mismanagement. she's hired accountants and has been working hard to clean up the organization. golden gate the áf health promises to continue delivering services. but planned parenthood says they will move in to provide
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services. planned parenthood will expand their services to care. >> we are committed to making sure women have access, women, men and youth have access to these reproductive services. >> reporter: meanwhile the problems for community health may not be over yet. the new york times is reporting the internal revenue service is conducting an investigation. the irs today refused to comment. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. an effort to force california's top officials to defend proposition eight has failed. yesterday a state court denied a motion to make officials appeal the overturn of prop eight. governor arnold schwarzenegger is neutral on the issue. jerry brown says same-sex
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marriage ban is unconstitutional. jerry brown is stepping up his campaign with television ads starting next week and appearances over the holiday weekend. burton says the ads realize that meg whitman should not be our governor. >> you don't want somebody who hasn't done anything to try to come in and buy a governor's office. >> reporter: labor leaders hosted rallies this morning to support brown and other democratic candidates. meg whitman has spent $100 million. the republican candidate for governor has been released from jury duty. meg whitman was in the jury pool yesterday. she was reportedly dismissed after questions from the defense. when asked if her campaign would be distracting, whitman admitted it was a difficult
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time to give 100%. california's serving overseas should soon receive their voting ballots. if not registered, voters could apply and request a ballot at the same time. there are signs of growth, that's how the u.s. labor secretary today described the latest unemployment numbers. the labor department says the jobless rate rose to 1.96% in august. the labor secretary says what's good to hear is that 67,000 jobs were added last month. the reason the unemployment rate rose was because 114, 114,000 temporary census jobs had ended. and the dow gained 147 points, the nasdaq gained 33 points. why no budget could mean no pay for california lawmakers. plus a 7.0 earthquake hits new zealand. a look at the damage and how it's impacting people who live this. and right now the winds are picking up through the golden
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gate bridge, that fog is headed your way. i will tell you which day in the weekend will be the warmest. californians weigh in on a new poll about legalizing marijuana. why people on both sides of the issue are happy with the results.
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california's budget is now 65 days late and today opponents said a new measure to punish lawmakers for delays will hurt the budget process. lawmakers would also lose their pay for every day that a budget is late. supporters say the measure would give an incentive for the legislature to pass a budget on
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time. >> if the legislature passes, they can pass any budget that is wildly out of balance, so that's a big problem. >> reporter: proposition 25 is on the november 9th ballot. should marijuana be legalized for personal use here in california? it's something the voters will have to decide, but how will they vote if they hit the polls today. ktvu's ken pritchett has the answer. >> reporter: where do californians stand on legalizing marijuana? it depends on how one reads the tea leaves in the polls. legalization opponents sight a recent survey poll. they say it shows that 53% of voters are opposed to or undecided on the ballot measure to legalize marijuana in california. >> my take is i'm not surprised. as more and more people understand what proposition 18 is or isn't they're going to be opposed to it. >> reporter: but supporters say that same poll is reason for optimism for pot supporters. >> we're a little bit closer on this one but there's still a
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large amount of undecided. >> reporter: 47% of likely voters support legalization. 43% oppose, with 10% of voters undecided. prop 19 supporters need a majority vote to legalize pot. >> they need 700 undecided to break even with us. >> reporter: despite the controversial nature of prop 19, both campaigns have been relatively low key and they remain so. neither side expects a costly advertising campaign, instead these are grass roots and social media efforts that will intensify in the weeks before election day. >> i'm expecting a whole lot more volunteers to come out for us, make more phone calls, knock on more doors, attend more events. >> reporter: allied says it's more about educated voters.
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each side says the other is misrepresenting and may put pot on store shelves. there were sounds of popping in the garage, no one was hurt in the fire. and crews are expected to put the house fire out shortly. the 7.0 magnitude quake hit just after 4:30 this morning new zealand times. witnesses say the shaking felt like it lasted a minute. at least two people were seriously injured by falling degree and a lot of buildings as you can see from these pictures were damaged. no tsunami alerts were issued.
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vacationers have cancelled their reservations, shopkeepers have boarded up their windows at martha's vineyard. we are heading into the holiday weekend, over to our chief meteorologist to find out what's in store. >> definitely changing coming our way. but they are subtle changes not as hot as today in many areas. don't change your plans, it's not cold it's just cooler. unless you're at the coast there's a lot of fog there but you expect that. here's how it looks outside right now. i want to show you the winds at the golden gate bridge. they are blowing west at nine gusting to 15. here we go out by martinez, we have a wind gust going up in the delta there. gusting up to 18 miles per hour, that westerly winds is carrying a cooler air mass with it. that means we're headed for a
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cooler weekend inland. today the cooling was not that pronounced. yesterday we had temperatures triple digits in the inland bay valley. a cooling trend with warmer weather monday. the fog is in your neighborhood, it burns out and then you're at 67 degrees. it was hot inland, 95, 96 today. this low pressure center comes back. this low pressure center is the mechanism cooling we will experience tomorrow. warmest day on the weekend, best day will be on monday. the forecast, we haven't seen that for a while. the fog has either been there or right along the coast, it's way in there now. so now the fog burns rapidly back tomorrow but not in time to burn temperatures back enough. temperatures tomorrow a good 5 degrees cooler than they were in the inland bay valleys.
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it's subtle stuff. you'll notice it but it's subtle. not a big bang thing like last weekend when it was colder. it'll be cooler on sunday and nice monday. fire danger is down, the air quality is going to be really nice. the five day forecast includes plenty of sunshine. even on the weekend you will see some sun peak through. sun will peak through but it's still going to be foggy. the chp is also hitting the streets. we want to show you a picture of the interstate in berkeley. the chp is stepping up patrols over to crack down on drunk driving. this year the effort also wraps up a national campaign to catch drivers who drink then get
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behind the wheel. the camp at eureka state park shut down two weeks ago when a dead squirrel tested positive for a bacteria. health officials are concerned that a high ratio of flees to rodents might spread the plague to humans. flea controls had worked to lower the risk. okay, get ready for tonight's game of the week. it's sizzling here in pleasanthill and diablo valley college, so it must be high school game of the week. college park and humbra. we'll speak to the head coach, coming up in sports.
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high school football's game of the week is back. ktvu viewers voted and today's game pits diablo college against valley high. >> reporter: these two teams are expected or predicted to win their representative leagues, with me right now is alhambra first year coach alan herb. this is your first year as head coach. but you're been around here for a little bit.
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>> this is my fourth year coaching at alhambra. when coach alv era had a stroke, i was the head coach now. >> reporter: you replaced coach salv era but you are now he's an assistant to you. how is that works? >> it's working out good. we all sit in the same office. >> tell me about your wide receiver, trevor davis because this guy looks like the real deal. >> he's a great athlete, he was a winner in the triple leap. so he's a great lunger.
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>> a little specific significance here? >> yes, they're a great rival. they run a great triple option. you have to be really good to beat them. >> you sound so calm, so relaxed, come on, you have to be fired up. >> the kids are fired up. we had fun at practice, finally got to see some smiles, they're ready to go. >> this is a game you will see a little bit of everything from you. >> yeah, we're a prostyle team. we do a lot of action passing, we can throw it a little bit too. we have a few different guys that can pass the ball for us. >> we're going to see a little bit of lift bag, good luck coach. we'll have more at 7:00. reporting live at diablo valley college, fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up on bay area news
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at 7:00 on tv 36, investigators up in marin county have a mystery in their hand. they've spent the day combing a park. that story coming up in 30 minutes on tv 36. and that is our report for now. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. for all of us here at channel 2, thank you for joining us. we'll see you at 10:00 everyone. have a good night.
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